iExtreme Skateboard Trucks

Our new iExtreme skateboard trucks are finally on their way from production!

We have spent a lot of time sourcing our products and finding the best suppliers from around the world.

When it comes to skateboard trucks there are 2 main types, die cast aluminium(which is a lot cheaper and easier to produce) and then gravity cast aluminium(which costs quite a bit more to produce but gives a much stronger and cleaner finish)

Our aim is to be up with the best products on the market and we have gone with the more expensive gravity cast aluminium. We have 2 designs of trucks we have the 5.5"(140mm) white Hanger which has a 207mm black oxidized steel axle and also the 5.85"(149mm) blue Hanger which has a 216mm black oxidized axle for a more wider truck.

We have 2 different colour variations also, we have the baby blue hanger with a black baseplate and also the white hanger with the black baseplate. Both sets of trucks have the stand out red bushings.

Both sets of trucks have the official blue iExtreme logo placed on the hanger and also we have the iExtreme laser engraved skate truck.

Our trucks are the highest pro standard quality and will not disappoint any skateboarding enthusiasts. Each part has been carefully selected to create the perfect truck from the rubber bushings to the shape and sizes.

We can't wait for you to try them and give us your feedback!




  • Thanks for the comment Pat They will be ready to ship out mid December!

  • Great colours, when is the big launch so I can order some?

    Pat Cunningham

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