The Beginning of iExtreme

iExtreme is an idea which has grown in my mind from being a young child. When I was 12 years old I got my first ever skateboard, this was the first extreme sport I couldn't get enough of. At the age of 13 I finally got my first motocross bike and from that day forward I was hooked, I still ride motocross now and I love everything about the sport, these were the first hobbies which gave me a passion for extreme sports and I was adamant that one day I would have a career in the... industry one way or another. At the age of 16 I joined the army and I was given the opportunity to try different types of adventure training. I served in the Parachute Regiment and completed my first parachute jumps here which led onto other things like skydiving and I have even had a go at BASE jumping albeit only 1 jump from a radio antenna. I have travelled all over Europe Skiing and snowboarding and I still do to this day. I ventured out to new different forms of extreme sports and I have made some of the best memories of life doing so. Unfortunately loving something and being great at something are two different things.

I am by no means great or a professional at my hobbies but I do love doing them, this inspired me to have the idea of creating the brand iExtreme and staying true to the industry I love. I have had so many great memories enjoying extreme sports and would love to give something back. Hopefully you can make some great memories too using the products I have created.

My Aim is to design and create the highest quality products with the most eye catching designs whilst not charging over the top prices most people can't afford.

I am starting this out from a summer house in the bottom of my garden all on my own and hope I can grow it into something bigger

At iExtreme I want to be able share the thrills that extreme sports has given me. I want to keep alive the world of motocross, skating, surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding and many more adrenaline pumping activities.

Please send in customer photos to be uploaded to our web site! Any questions or anything you need please get in touch with me

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